client services

© 2018 linn press.

© 2018 linn press.

  • Buying art is easy.
  • Collecting art is not.
  • Investing in art is even more difficult.

Our goal is to provide an art experience that is gratifying—emotionally, intellectually and financially. We work with clients to develop collections of distinction that reflect evolving interests and tastes. We are not satisfied with status quo, cookie-cutter collections that are accumulations of popular artist brands or auction trophies. We present a mix of things—ideas and objects—that stimulate our clients and enliven their homes and offices. Or, if our clients are interested in art investments, we work closely with them to make strategic decisions with the goal of asset appreciation.

We do many things. Foremost, we nurture the collector’s spirit with education and exposure. This is advisable before any purchase is made. We encourage—and often accompany—our clients to visit gallery and museum exhibitions and to a lesser degree attend top-tier art fairs. We suggest articles, books, films and videos to see. (Information and education are foremost.) The art market requires different kinds of information. We deal with both qualitative and quantitative issues, which are a complex calculus in the art market.


We meet with our clients to discuss budgets and objectives. Once an art work has been identified for purchase we:

  • Analyze pricing
  • Assess value
  • Negotiate transactions
  • Verify invoicing
  • Coordinate shipping and handling
  • Help, as requested, with installation or storage
  • Manage evolving collections using state-of-the-art applications.

We are experienced specialists with demonstrable credentials. For our collector services, we typically use a combination of stair-step commissions and—at times—hourly fees, which are discussed in advance of any work. We also work on retainer, which is advisable for longer-term projects and relationships. We only charge direct, agreed-upon expenses. Our investor services are governed by a specific set of principles and mutually beneficial criteria.