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© 2018 linn press.

The best client is an informed one.

There are several “how-to collect” and “how to invest” books that gush with enthusiasm. Invariably they offer the same, advice: “buy what you love.” Love is a many-splendored thing. Collecting and/or investing are evolutionary. 

We recommend several books that are engaging and informative. Some works are armchair books that are easy to pick up and read leisurely; others demand more attention. The readings that we recommend survey art since the beginnings of Impressionism in the 1870s to contemporary trends. It is an evolving list.

There are also some exceptional on-line resources for more ambitious study and analysis, ranging from Art21, which offers up-close-and-personal artist interviews, to artnet’s pay-to-use art price database. For more in-depth research, we recommend using a college, university or museum library. Many welcome visitors enthusiastically, but policies vary.


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